Hi, I am glad that you have found my web page, I hope that you enjoy your trip browsing around and maybe we will be able to help each other with a patch or two to trade. Before we get there my name is Lawrie Weston I have been a Customs Officer in Melbourne Australia for over 30 years until I retired in July 2010.

Time to move things on & everything is ** FOR SALE **
as of today 1st Oct 2017 there are a total of 286 badges etc from the countries listed and 150 badges from the US will sell the lot for US$1500 that's $3.44 @
*ID patch please quote page name & number below item,
not all items are numbered, value's are in US$.
*Run curser over patch/badge if a $ amount isnít stated
any offer over $5.00 will be considered.
*All offers on pictured items will be considered.
*Some items will have BO/O and an amount offers equivalent or over that amount will be considered for that patch.
*ONLY payment by Paypal (Family & Friends) will be accepted
*Postage will be at actual cost by Australia Post, paid by you.
*Express or Registered Post will cost extra, paid by you.
*Any Questions, please ask just click on letter box top of page.

For most of my time in Customs I was stationed at Melbourne Airport were I had spent time at the International Terminal, Air Cargo and finally at the International Post, I also spent time on patrol at the waterfront and Boarding sections. I live about 32 klms from Melbourne in the south east suburb of Noble Park (1 klm from Springvale) with my wife Beth and our dog Caddie a sheltie/pom X. You can see where the airport is located on the map about 22 klms north west of the city which meant a bit of traveling to and from work.
I have been involved in the scout movement for around the same amount of time. It was not long after joining scouts as a leader that I was given the scout name " stickie " a shortened version of "sticky beak ", being a customs officer you do tend to look at and in a lot of strange places. It was not long after joining scouts that I became aware of badge/patch collecting.

It was only a matter of time before I was interested in collecting not only scout but CUSTOMS badges etc as well. They were very difficult to get and my interest faded after a couple of years. It picked up as the Australian Customs patches became more accessible then another lull and now I have the net and we are all fired up and ready to trade, trade, trade. My aim like a lot of collectors is to get at least 1 patch or badge from every country. If you have any CUSTOMS items amongst your trade patches that you do not see on any of my collection pages contact me and we will work out a trade.

As you work your way through the site you will notice that placing the curser over a badge in some instance's no text will appear or a brief description of use or history will appear and there are some where a question is asked. If you can answer the question or provide any further information or correct information that is there it will be appreciated.

Updated SEPTEMBER 2017


This site has been prepared for the purposes of facilitating the interest in the collecting of memorabilia related to the Australian Customs and Border Protection and Customs in general & the contents of this site are not expressing any official view of the AC&BP.