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View the images and see if you can fill the gaps in your collection by swaping one of the many  badges I have available.

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Hi, thank's for surfing into my Scout Badge Site, put your feet up & relax.
Just click on the icons to see my WANTS list & what I have to swap, for sale and what items are in my online auction.

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Fill the gaps in your collection by buying one of the many  badges available for sale.
Visit my CUSTOMS badge site which tells you a little about stickie and view my CUSTOMS badge collection

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PAMO : ONLINE POSTAL AUCTION is a convenient way to view images and bid on badge auction lots.

This site has been prepared for the purposes of facilitating the interest in the collecting of memorabilia related to the Australian Customs Service and Customs in general & the Scout Association of Australian however the contents of this site are in no way related to the offical representation of the views of these organisations.

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